Saturday 13th July 2024

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What's New

NEWS: Michael Syddall Accreditation

14th May 2024

Michael Syddall CofE (Aided) Primary School in Richmond, North Yorkshire receive AcSEED Award

NEWS: Sherborne House Accreditation

16th January 2024

Sherborne House School in Chandlers Ford, Hampshire receive AcSEED Award

NEWS: The AcSEED Newsletter

28th July 2022

AcSEED Newsletter for July 2022

NEWS: UK Government blog

21st July 2022

What we are doing to improve the mental health of children and young people

NEWS: AcSEED at MHW Show 2022

11th May 2022

AcSEED were a presenter and exhibitor at the Mental Health and Wellbeing show in Cardiff on 10th May 2022

NEWS: Wistaston Accreditation

25th April 2022

Wistaston Church Lane Academy in Crewe, Cheshire receive AcSEED Award

NEWS: Gorse Hall Accreditation

7th April 2022

Gorse Hall Primary and Nursery School in Stalybridge, Cheshire receive AcSEED Award

NEWS: Crosby High Accreditation

7th April 2022

Crosby High School in Crosby, Merseyside receive AcSEED Award

NEWS: St Olave's Accreditation

1st April 2022

St Olave's Grammer School in Orpington, Kent receive AcSEED Award

NEWS: St Paul's Accreditation

19th August 2021

St Paul's Church of England Primary School in Stalybridge, Cheshire receive AcSEED Award

NEWS: The AcSEED Newsletter

14th December 2020

AcSEED Newsletter for December 2020

NEWS: On-line Wellbeing Support

11th December 2020

Kooth: An on-line Mental Health Support Platform

NEWS: Mental Health in Schools Conference

11th November 2020

Report from the Westminster Insight conference on Mental Health and Wellbeing in Schools

NEWS: Fairfield Road Accreditation

20th October 2020

Fairfield Road Primary School receive AcSEED Award

NEWS: Newport Girls' get AcSEED Award

31st August 2020

Congratulations to Newport Girls' High School in Shropshire ...

NEWS: First AcSEED Wellbeing Centre

25th June 2019

Trinity School and College opens the first AcSEED Wellbeing Centre

Application & Accreditation Process

Application Process

The AcSEED Initiative takes the accreditation of schools very seriously. If the quality mark is to have credit and respect it is important that schools only receive the award when they have demonstrated the successful provision of comprehensive emotional support. The process incorporates a school self-assessment followed by review and ratification by representatives of The AcSEED Initiative.

Self Assessment

Schools can apply for The AcSEED Award by completing the self-assessment and submitting it with associated evidence to The AcSEED Initiative for review. The questionnaire is divided into a number of key categories that The AcSEED Initiative considers essential for the provision of high quality services:

  1. Leadership, management and managing change
  2. Policy and Procedure
  3. Emotional Wellbeing Education
  4. The Environment and Relationship Education
  5. Participation
  6. Emotional Wellbeing Services
  7. Staff Training
  8. Working with Parents/Guardians and Outside Agencies

The self-assessment pack includes suggestions based on collated best practices. Schools with minimal existing service provision are strongly advised to refer to these best practices for guidance.

The self-assessment questionnaire aims to build a thorough picture of the emotional wellbeing services offered at a school.

AcSEED Review

All applications for The AcSEED Award (including renewal applications) are reviewed by AcSEED assessors. This review will result in one of the following actions:

  1. The assessors will request further information and/or clarifications from the school as needed to make a decision on the application.
  2. The assessors will determine that the self-assessment and supporting evidence meets the AcSEED criteria, and will therefore ratify the award.
  3. The assessors will determine that the self-assessment and supporting evidence does not meet the AcSEED criteria, and will identify specific areas that need further attention.

Award Ratification

Schools will be notified about ratification of their award including:

  1. Confirmation that their application for The AcSEED Award has been successful.
  2. An AcSEED Award certificate.
  3. Any observations and/or recommendations made by the assessment team, including special recognitions of best-in-class practices.
  4. The period of time for which the award is granted (usually 2 years), after which the school must apply for a renewal of the award (or the award becomes invalid).
  5. Information on how the school can utilise The AcSEED Award in communications and documentation.
  6. Encouragement to share their best practice with other schools and engage in any relevant publicity work to promote their achievement.

Schools that do not satisfy the minimum award criteria will receive notification of the areas in which they need to improve, instructions on how to appeal the decision, and information on when they will be eligible to re-apply. Whilst The AcSEED Initiative is keen to maintain the integrity of the award by recognising only those schools with high quality wellbeing provisions, we strongly encourage all schools to persist with the necessary improvements to achieve accreditation.